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Test Suite

Labwise by Allegro DVT, the leader in digital TV conformance testing announces the availability of the world first DVB-TTML Test Suite. The latest digital TV test suite enables testing of the mandatory requirements of the DVB-TTML Subtitling Systems Specification according to ETSI EN 303 560 V1.1.1.


The DVB TTML Test Suite consists in multiple test cases covering mandatory features of the TTML standards such as :

  • Caption Rendering (font, size, color, position, and other visual attributes of captions)

  • Text Styling (bold, italic, underline style applied to captions)

  • Timing and Synchronization

  • Positioning

  • Language Support

  • Text Wrapping and Line Breaking

  • Metadata Support (additional information, such as speaker identification, sound effect descriptions, or other contextual details)

  • Styling Inheritance (this feature simplifies the styling process and ensures consistency across captions or subtitles)

The release of the DVB-TTML Test Suite has a major added value for TV manufacturers. DVB-TTML revolutionizes captioning and subtitling in digital video content, enabling manufacturers to enhance accessibility and inclusivity. By adopting the DVB-TTML Test Suite, manufacturers can differentiate their products, capture new market opportunities, and deliver an immersive and inclusive viewing experience for all.


Release early Q3 2023

To find out more about the uses cases click below

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